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Electrical Safety Report (EICR)

Electrical Safety Report (EICR)

A EICR ( Electrical Installation Condition Report) is a vey crucial process the needs to be done right and withing the recommended dates. Not having a valid EICR can mean you have dangerous faults going undetected. This can even invalidate your home insurance! The typical times in-between inspections is 5 Years.

What happens during a EICR?

When carrying out a Electrical Safety Report (EICR) we will carry out a full scope of tests on each circuit to determine whether there is and age related ware and tare and if the circuit was installed correctly and safely in the first instance. We will also carry out visual inspections where necessary and possible. After this is completed you will be issued with your report with all findings and code to accompany each one. 

What do the codes mean?

Below will explain what each code means and how it will effect the overall rating of the installation.

FI - Further investigation needed - Unsatisfactory.

C1 - Immediately Dangerous - Unsatisfactory.

C2 - Potentially dangerous in the event of a fault- Unsatisfactory.

C3 - Does not conform to current regulation but not dangerous - Satisfactory.

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