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Fuse Board (consumer unit) Replacement

Fuse Board (Consumer Unit) Replacement

When it comes to home electrics, the consumer unit is the main event. This is where all the vital protection is for your home to protect you from electric shock, burns and potential fires. When upgrading your consumer unit there is important factors to be considered, such as the type of protection needed for your property and capacity needed for your home. 

We will always treat every fuse box replacement as "bespoke" as every installation is different. We will always select the best products and materials for the job. Our minimum standard for a consumer unit change will be using RCBO's and surge protection selected from a reputable brand.

A RDC (residual current device) is used to measure to earth leakage of a circuit and its primary purpose is to protect human life, from potentially fatal electric shocks . When there is a faulty appliance or a fault with a circuit, a RCD will sense the surge and disconnect the electricity.

A RCBO is a RCD incorporated with a circuit breaker. This allows for each circuit to be individually protected to stop multiple circuits being effected during a fault. This also saves room in the consumer unit allowing for a smaller overall unit.

SPD's (surge protection devices) are used to protect the electrical installation, from power surges known as transient overvoltage's. This is usually installed within the consumer unit or separately close to the origin of the installation.

RCD's / RCBO's


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